Failed Entrepreneur? Hope lives for your job search

Dear Evil HR Lady,


My mom is 50 years old and is on the verge of losing her second startup in 15 years. Both cases are due to her partners (different people) embezzling money and leaving the company in more debt than can be handled.

She seems to have finally had enough of this whole scene and has asked me to do her resume for her so she can look for a job. I’m more than willing to help, but I’m concerned about her actual job options once we get her resume out there. 

Finally, I’d like to ask how we can write her resume? She was C-level in both the startups (as one can imagine), so the responsibilities are more or less given. But she tells me the achievements are less defined, because her business was mostly in distributing Hazmat [hazardous material] equipment and only did Hazmat certification sessions for free.

Does she have hope?

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