I’m not sure if I’ve been fired

Dear Evil HR Lady,
I was fired over the phone for what my supervisor is calling “an untruthful absence” for which I used vacation days for.

They are now emailing me demanding that I come into the office at my scheduled start time and report to our General Manager once there.

I don’t feel it necessary as I have already been told that it is in my best interest to not go back to the office and that I was fired. Now they are telling me something different.

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3 thoughts on “I’m not sure if I’ve been fired

  1. I would love to hear an update on this one, if you learn anything! Very interesting situation. Love the blog and your answers.

  2. Wait, the original letter writer said they were fired for an ‘untruthful absence’ for a day they used VACATION TIME for, and you’re telling them to apologize??? WHY????

    It’s none of the employer’s business WHAT the person does while on vacation. While I wouldn’t act out or anything like that, if I were fired simply because the employer didn’t *like* what I did on my vacation day, I would damn sure not be apologizing for anything.

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