Dear Evil HR Lady,

Is running daily betting pools at work considered a separate small business for the person in charge of the betting pools?

Why do you ask? Do you want to run one, or do you want to get the person who is running one in trouble?

If you want to run one, ask the boss.

If you want to get the person who is running one in trouble, stop it.

If you are the boss, you get to choose.

It’s most likely illegal in whatever state you are in, but not exactly something the police bash doors down for. So, if I were the boss, I’d say, no. But if I were the coworker, I’d ignore it.

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6 thoughts on “Betting at the office

  1. I love number 2, ending with “stop it”. That’s pretty much how I respond to that sort of tattling, too. Of course, I work with toddlers…

    1. That is super! You’re the best. Gamble away!

      Although if this is a “business” then there would be money made, which would make it illegal, correct?

  2. Yeah, rereading the post; if it’s a “small business” it’s illegal pretty much everywhere.

    Vegas, Baby!

  3. Isn’t fantasy football etc harmless version of social gambling?
    I’ve never seen coworkers getting into trouble for that.

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