Career tip: Let go of past wrongs

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I was employed with a huge international firm for about 10 years. I was at a co-worker’s desk when a manager came into the office, told me to shut everything down and take a call from my acting manager in another office. I was told I was fired. When I asked why, my manager said she did not know. I was in a director role in the company.

The manager then physically removed me from the office and told me to come back and get my personal belongings after hours. Do I have any recourse? Is there a statute of limitations before he can no longer make a claim? This happened in 2006.

I obtained new employment and after six months was called into my manager’s office and was told that, because of a “management decision,” I was being let go (this was in 2007). I asked if the management decision meant I was being fired and was told no. Since that time, this company has posted a number of opportunities for which I am qualified. Even though I submit applications, I never get an interview. Is there anything I can do about this?

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