Help! My job has been posted on Craigslist

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I was recently advised that my employer posted my current job at a casino on Craigslist. I looked and it’s true. I know that they still need me in order to keep the casino open, but when they find someone I’m sure I’ll be tossed. The company I work for was just purchased. I hold a director status and know of their plans to wipe out half the employees, who have a new 90-day probationary period. Please, what do you think I should do or what rights do I have?

To read the answer, click here: Help! My job has been posted on Craigslist

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9 thoughts on “Help! My job has been posted on Craigslist

  1. I would just add to Evil HR Lady’s advice to ask them for help as you transition using their need for you as leverage. Talk to them about what they’ll say about you during references, and ask that they be flexible with you while you interview. Of course, they don’t want you to get a new job before they’re done needing you, but you should use this to your advantage.

      1. Only know that stuff from learning from the best, Suzanne. 🙂 Of course it’s only really useful if you’re going to be brave.

        Side note, in reading you and AaM and other business blogs, I’ve noted a trend that management seems to be getting more…ostentatious about ridiculous management techniques. Do you think there’s something to that (I.e. companies are feeling bolder wrih the recent high unemployment) or is it just more visible with the internet?

  2. Ugh! This happened to me once. But I kind of knew it was coming. I was unhappy anyway and was going to quit but I got in trouble first. You live and learn.

    Re Charlotte’s side note: that’s a good question. I’ve been hearing a lot more crazy stories about managers. They can’t ALL be like that…..can they?

    1. Re Charlotte and Elizabeth … It seems true! What it looks like (in my industry anyways) is that during the recent boom, a LOT of people who shouldn’t be managing and had no prior management experience, we’re suddenly in the position to either start a business or move up in one. Now that we all have jobs working for them ….

  3. My job wasn’t posted on Craiglist but…I’m under a probationary period at a p-t job where someone was recently hired to overlap my shifts. My manager didn’t say anything to me and it’s been awkward. I’m trying not to assume the worst, but I’m not doing a great job and the new guy has more experience. I am a wimp, so addressing my manager directly isn’t happening. I don’t know if I’m overreacting or being pushed out.

    If I get fired during the probationary period, do I need to list this job on applications? I wouldn’t list it on a resume, but some applications ask for everything you ever did.

  4. Were you surprised to read that a director level job was posted on Craigslist? I know I have seen a variety of jobs on there, and post some there, but I don’t think of senior managers in that way.

  5. This happened to me once, but it was an accident. Corporate posted the wrong ad. I brought it to my boss’s attention, and it was fixed within the day.

  6. I just found my job posting online. I am debating whether to ask for the information or not. I’m concerned with the fact that they might fire me on the spot.

    I have never received feedback or anything, and it is sad.

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