10 terrible holiday gifts from bosses

Almost every boss was once an employee. You’d think with that history behind them, when shopping for holiday gifts, bosses would be trying their best to get things their employees would like — or at least be able to use. I asked MoneyWatch readers to tell me the worst gifts they’ve ever received from their bosses. And while I can’t personally verify our readers’ “gift” accounts, here are 10 that I’m glad I didn’t receive.

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3 thoughts on “10 terrible holiday gifts from bosses

  1. In addition, full-time employees got a bronze coin minted with his profile on it.

    Well, this beats my husband’s parents, who gave us a framed photo themselves a few years ago. Although the cast-iron cat they also gave us might tip the scales in our favor.

    1. Isn’t that one especially awesome? I am going to look into finding out how to do that. Presents for the inlaws!

  2. It wasn’t a Christmas present, but rather a leaving present which was terrible. I worked pretty hard for two years at this place, got to know my boss really well and my colleagues. They gave me a bone carving necklace, which would have been nice except I’m a guy who wears ties. What am I supposed to do with a necklace? Did they even notice the I dress very conservatively? Grrrr.

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