Finding fraud won’t help you escape watchful boss

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I have been with a major company for over a year and a half. Starting about six months ago, they have been “nit picking” everything I do and I found out they plan to present me with a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) this week.  

I have been hard-working, not late, nothing…I don’t understand why they want to get rid of me. I do have information that can get a lot of people (my managers) fired and also have knowledge that they are aware of fraud that is being committed with our client. 

 I don’t know what to do. I have written a long letter to my manager with dates and witnesses (a temp in our office that tells me what goes on when I’m not there). She tells me because she does not agree with how I am being treated. If they try to get me to sign the PIP and I refuse will they fire me or consider that as a resignation and should I present the letter before or after they try to give me the PIP? I also plan to send the letter to higher ups in the company and to our client as well. I only get one shot at this and want to go about this the proper way without hurting myself and a chance at getting another job.

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One thought on “Finding fraud won’t help you escape watchful boss

  1. Blackmailing your boss so that she won’t give you a PIP is not the way to handle this situation.

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