My boss wants to know my ethnicity

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I’m a senior manager at a large global company. I recently had my appraisal and shortly after getting feedback that “I needed to be a more vocal leader” my interim manager (now former boss) asked me if I was Hawaiian (I’m half Asian). I interpreted him to be saying that my style as a leader was due to my ethnicity, which I clearly can’t change.

I’m considering filing a complaint with HR. I don’t think questions about your ethnic background should come up in a performance appraisal. I no longer report to this person but he is a peer of my new boss and I fear I will be labeled a trouble maker and cast aside if I complain. I also fear that this person will just continue to be insensitive to others and feel obligated to do something about it.

Any advice Evil HR Lady?

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2 thoughts on “My boss wants to know my ethnicity

  1. Whenever someone asks what my ethnic background is I always answer truthfully – i’m a mutt.

    German, English, French, native American, and a wee bit of Scots blood – mostly a European mutt then I guess; but an American bred and raised mutt!

  2. I’ve been in situations like this too, but I think it’s important to really evaluate whether that was the purpose of the question or not. Sometimes people just ask odd questions at odd times. I might sound naive saying this, but the person asking the question might have meant nothing by it. I would be hesitant to file a formal complaint with HR over something like this, at least until I found out how the review turned out.

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