Can I apply for multiple jobs at the same company?

Dear Evil HR Lady,

I just read your article about applying to any and all jobs at one specific company, and how that’s, well, crazy. While I would never beat an employer over the head trying to get a job, I would like to know your opinion on applying for the same position, but in different locations within the company. In my case, it is a Visual Merchandising title with the same company at a few different retail stores in and around NYC. I feel that your answer would be the same. But they do have specific postings for each location, so I’m not sure what to do.

One other question: What about a company that has positions you qualify for, but in a variety of different brands that they own. For example, Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy are all owned by Gap Inc. Same company, similar jobs but different labels… is that still a no-no?

To read the answer, click here: Can I apply for multiple jobs at the same company

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2 thoughts on “Can I apply for multiple jobs at the same company?

  1. well dear i think its possible,to apply for different jobs in the same company. But i think these jobs should be of the department. when one is un-experienced and educated well he/she can apply for different posts ,as he/she is not aware ,where they can get hired. Also nowadays there are software used to initially screen the data and not manual screening. so if apply for different jobs,the software will consider you for the most appropriate one and soo….

  2. If there are two identical positions in different locations – what’s the harm? If you’re equally qualified for both then go for it! Recruiters often have a hard time while trying to fill multiple positions in the same organization and it would be easier for them to contact one applicant and discuss the possibility of hiring for one of the three positions than contact three different people, wouldn’t it?

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