Motivating Employees: “We’re Not a Family, but We Are a Tribe”

Carey Smith, the CEO of a company called Big Ass Fans, says, “We’re growing at 30 percent per year, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.” Obviously, he starts with the company name. He personally exemplifies that not-too- serious attitude by listing his title on his business card as Chief Big Ass.

Business tends to be a serious thing. Especially when you’re building large industrial fans, you’d think a little seriousness would be a good idea. Smith is serious about both his fans and his employees, but that doesn’t mean he needs to be stuffy.

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2 thoughts on “Motivating Employees: “We’re Not a Family, but We Are a Tribe”

  1. well you are right,he should never be that stuffy,but i have another view wishing to share.i think you cannot absorb his personality .i,e.good or bad. First you should try to give yourself and also to your boss a little bit of extra time. am sure you will get able to manage his attitude easily but you need to be a little more flexible,should try to absorb more things and also should try to be emotionally intelligent.

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