Sacco tweet summons social media mob

If you’re a public relations expert, you know that the internet is forever and you can’t control what you put out there. Once it’s out, it’s out. You can delete what you’ve said, but if anyone has picked it up, it’s too late.

Former PR executive, Justine Sacco found this out the hard way when she tweeted something racist and then stepped on a plane, without internet access for 11 hours. By the time she landed at her vacation destination, she’d been fired.
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4 thoughts on “Sacco tweet summons social media mob

  1. While I have no sympathy for Ms. Sacco, her story reminds us of the delicate balancing act we must all perform in today’s social media engulfed world. If you don’t have a ‘presence’ on the web, many prospective employers will pass on your job application. It’s not enough for just your name, photo, and a few dull facts to show up on LinkedIn or Facebook. A lot of employers are specifically seeking out employees who are a cultural fit, meaning they are looking at your hobbies, the type of volunteer work you do, the groups you belong to etc… Job applicants are learning they have to brand themselves through their online image in order to sell themselves to employers. At the same time, the more we reveal about ourselves online, the greater the risk that we will commit some faux pas. It may not go viral as Ms. Sacco’s did, but it may linger on the web for years, readily accessible to anyone who Googles our name.
    Terry Portillo

  2. I totally agree. People think because they’re on the internet that they can hide, but guess what? YOU CAN’T. The tables can be turned on the bullies as well. I wonder how loud they would scream if what they did to her happened to them.

  3. So, for all of you using the internet, “You have the right to remain silent. Everything you say can and will be used against you…and will be permanently stored.”

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