Clark Walker got a job through Instagram — could you?

When Clark Walker first opened his Instagram account, jclarkwalker, it was not part of a master plan. “I really thought it was just to add filters to make my pictures look better,” he said, “I didn’t know about social media.”

He started using Instagram when he was in barber school in Utah. He’d post pictures of his work (with his clients’ permission) and was surprised when he started getting responses from people. People started following him and he discovered the world of barbers on Instagram.

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Side note: Clark is a friend of a friend of mine. If you have a cool story about how you got your job,  or have a friend with a cool story, send me an email at

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2 thoughts on “Clark Walker got a job through Instagram — could you?

  1. dec:4 i arrived back to lebanon coming from dubai after a 40 day job hunt, i was frustrated, 2 hours after the plane landed i was job hunting browsing the net, i was determined to end the 2013 with a nice smile and a cool job. dec:19 handling my new tasks as an art director in one of the best companies and this was literally my dream job 🙂 merry xmas and a happy new year

  2. Interesting idea, I’ve noticed people landing jobs through other social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter as well as LinkedIn but Instagram is something new!

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