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  1. She should ask if people are married or not… otherwise one group of questions won’t be relevant…

    1. Unless she wants to open that section up more widely to cover family and friend relationships outside of work.

  2. My company helps people to telecommute and all of our clients are connecting teams that work remotely. I’d be interested in knowing more about her study. I’d be happy to chat with her if she is up for it. Feel free to pass along my email address.

    1. Agreed. It’s a job satisfaction survey with a few questions about “performing work related activities outside of your work environment”. That’s not telecommuting; that’s checking email at dinner.

      For telecommuters, the home office (or the coffee shop, or the co-working environment) _is_ your work environment. At LastJob, I was up to telecommuting 4 days a week, but all work was performed within my “work environment”. It’s just that my work environment shifted from a private desk with a large monitor at home to a noisy cubicle with a smaller monitor in the corporate office building.

      I recommend your friend re-think her survey questions. In addition to the survey not actually asking about telecommuting, the satisfaction and stress questions should (in a survey on telecommuting) distinguish between telecommuting vs non-telecommuting days! e.g. my telecommuting days had much less stress than my in-office days. The office was noisy and interruptive and 40 miles from home. I pretty much gave up on the idea of getting much productive work done on the days I was in my cubicle.

      While I’m recommending a rethinking of the survey questions, I advise that your friend include a free-form comments section at the end. Too many people forget that the best surveys include a space for the responder to comment on what _wasn’t asked_.

    1. I’ll ask! Also, I’m Suzanne. But I love it when people confuse me with Alison. Because she’s awesome.

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