You hire an HR department to keep you from making stupid decisions regarding employees, right?

Well, there are some companies that need to do a little bit better job with the the Human part of Human Resources. Here are the top HR Fails of 2013.

To read the list, click here: Top 9 HR Fails of 2013

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One thought on “Top 9 HR Fails of 2013

  1. Dear Evil HR Lady,
    I am a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor in the state of Ohio. I am 66 years old and currently semi-retired. I discontinued full time employment last year (This was with a different agency other than the one I am currently having problems with). As well as my full time employment, I had also worked part-time on weekends, 1-2 times a month, as a counselor with a Driving Intervention Program which is one of several programs in a chemical dependency treatment program. (Approximately 15 hours a program, 30 hours a month. This program was not in session in June, July and August) It is a private agency but gets a great deal of funding from state and county. I had worked for this program since 2005. It wasn’t a whole lot of money, but I enjoyed working here and I was good friends with the supervisor and the other counselors.Then last month I was abruptly terminated (see attached letter) with no explanation. I was shocked and embarrassed since I felt the supervisor who fired me was a good friend. Finally, after recovering from the shock, I wrote the CEO a letter asking for the grounds of my dismissal. (I intend to look for another part-time postion and I need some explanation to tell future employers why I left a job after 8 years.) I have not received a response. I don’t know what to do. I’ve thought about contacting an attorney, but it seems like a lot of trouble just to get an explanation of my termination. I hope you can advise me. I am including the letter I sent to the CEO.

    December 2, 2013

    Dear ***:
    I have been an employee of the ***** Driving Intervention Program since 2005. All my annual evaluations have been excellent. My last evaluation was completed September 7, 2013 and did not reflect any reprimands or corrections. Since this evaluation, I worked four DIP sessions. During these, nothing was brought to my attention which suggested caution or discipline. The only issues openly discussed during this period of time did not involve me – a student intern was consistently practicing beyond his qualifications and another counselor was struggling with questions regarding mandatory reporting laws.
    Yet on Sunday, October 20, Holly called me at my home and terminated my employment with no discussion and no attention to procedural formalities.
    This phone call lasted less than 30 seconds. “Listen, there is a lot of staff splitting going on. More than I’ve ever seen before. I’m so stressed. I don’t want to discuss it. I talked to Mike and checked with Steve **** and I’m letting you go. I don’t want you up there at *** anymore.” I was shocked and dumbfounded. I merely said okay. Holly ended the call abruptly, without mention of a follow-up.
    All my communications with Holly have been friendly. I have always expressed openness to discussion and criticism. I have been compliant with all requests. My last communication with Holly, prior to the October 20 phone call, was on October 17. It was cordial and she did not indicate any urgency or need for discussion. My interaction with other staff members has been positive and supportive. I have not been informed of any client complaints or procedural errors.
    As noted above, Holly stated that she has discussed with you whatever issue motivated her decision to terminate my association with the DIP program, I request to know the grounds of my termination. As a professional, working in the field, it is necessary that I get clarification of my summary dismissal.
    I’d like to add that I really have enjoyed working for the DIP program and appreciate the opportunity to have been part of the team. I am saddened it ended in a manner which appears to me to be unprofessional, unwarranted, disrespectful and capricious.

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