Teacher Katie W. likes cream in her coffee. So, she purchased a bottle of creamer and put in into the break room refrigerator. When she went back the next day to add a splash of cream to the day’s coffee she found her bottle almost empty.

Now, while it’s possible that a single coworker likes drinking creamer, it’s more likely that a whole parade of her fellow teachers thought that no one would miss it if they used just a tablespoon of creamer. And if just one teacher had used just one tablespoon, Katie never would have noticed. But that’s not what happened.

To keep reading click here: Did someone steal your lunch?

And feel free to share your lunch theft stories in the comments–here or at MoneyWatch, but honestly here is better because MoneyWatch will just end up eating them. </bitter>

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5 thoughts on “Did someone steal your lunch?

  1. It might only be an urban legend, but there is the story of the employee who found his or her empty container in the office refrigerator. He or she posted a sign the following day notifying all about the missing urine sample.

  2. I’ve been lucky there were no lunch thieves where I worked, but at Exjob, we had a guy who was a lunch moocher. Every day, he had a sob story about why he didn’t have a lunch and was hungry. People would donate to him or buy him something out of the vending machine. We figured out it was a ruse pretty quick. He didn’t last long after that, thank goodness; I suspect thievery would have followed.

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