I got a lousy raise — should I confront my boss?

I had discussions with my boss a few months before my review about getting a raise because they gave me an entry-level wage with the promise of raises. He told me I had to wait until my review to be fair to other employees in the company (supposedly they only like giving raises one time a year), but he believes I deserve to get up to industry standards. I got a glowing review. My boss said I was the best at my job that my boss has ever worked with, and he would discuss with the director of finance about how much my raise would be. A month later, my boss pulls me in his office and says that my raise would only be 3 percent, a cost of living raise basically, and that he and the director of finance were both fighting to get me more. He told me to check back in a month.

I checked back a month ago, and he tells me the wage committee didn’t have time to discuss my raise at this time and that they will look into it next quarter and he is disappointed in how the company is handling my wage. I come to find out last week that another employee got a raise. I feel like I have been slapped in the face numerous times by this whole situation. Do I confront my boss about this, seeing as I wasn’t supposed to find out about the other employee’s raise? This is a company who says they like to be fair to all employees, but they do stuff like this all the time….

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2 thoughts on “I got a lousy raise — should I confront my boss?

  1. Sounds like they misled you about a good raise later if you took entry level money now. And that you have beyond entry level experience.

    I think it’s reasonable to remind him that you only agreed to the entry level compensation because of this. Give him another chance to make it right. It’s nice that he thinks you deserve more but if he can’t follow through on the good raises later it doesn’t really matter.

    Based on your experience that he can’t be trusted on matter of compensation I’d start looking. Unless you are happy with 3% raises.

  2. This person should look for work elsewhere. Ideally not at entry level pay.
    If they get an offer, but want to stay – at-least now they have leverage.

    If a company does not want to look after their employees…..chances are their employees will look after themselves.

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