PSA: Don’t resign unless you really mean it

I’ve gotten a bunch of emails lately from people who resigned and then changed their minds and now want to know how they can force their bosses to keep them on board.

You can’t.

Now, I totally sympathize with someone who gets a new job offer, resigns, and then the new company backs out.

But, I have less sympathy for the person who quits in a screaming rage and seems puzzled as to why the  manager holds her to that. Or, who writes an actual letter of resignation and then goes, “oops! turns out I need money to survive!”

Do not resign unless you mean it. And don’t think you have a new job until you have a formal offer and have passed the background check.


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One thought on “PSA: Don’t resign unless you really mean it

  1. A few years back I’m pretty sure a colleague of mine resigned as a tatic when she was trying to get a substranial raise. Her manager accepted her resignation, and she was left without a job.

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