5 Tips For Your Office Halloween Party

Halloween is the greatest holiday. There are no obligations to go visit Grandma, or humor your mother by silently listening to Uncle Hank’s slightly offensive stories. You don’t have to make a fancy meal. You get to dress up in a costume and eat candy. And even if you don’t like costumes, you can still eat candy. Could there be a better holiday?

Well, not everyone loves Halloween like I do, which means that before you throw that office Halloween party you need to think about a few things. And, even more unfortunately, some people who love Halloween lack good sense. Jimmy Lin, Vice President of Product Management and Corporate Development at The Network, who helps clients with ethics and compliance issues like this every day, offered some tips for handling the Halloween fun.

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10 “scary” mistakes job seekers make

Job hunting is frightening for sure. Terrifying interviews, scary typos in your cover letter or resume, and the ever-constant fear you’ll never be hired.

But don’t worry. Tom Gimbel, CEO and founder of LaSalle Network, a Chicago-based staffing and recruiting firm has 10 tips to help you avoid scary job-hunting errors.

1. Skeletal resumes. Sending a resume and cover letter that’s bare-bones and generic is the fastest way to land in a hiring manager’s “no” pile. In order to make the strongest argument as to why you’re the right fit for the particular role, you should customize your resume for every job you’re applying to. If you’re sending generic materials, hiring managers can take that as a reflection of how you’ll be on the job — lazy.

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  1. Excellent pointers on Halloween parties! These type of functions have the potential to bring the office team closer together and help people get to know one another better. Strengthening relationships and building memories in the office will definitely enhance productivity!

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