Surviving a Black Friday work shift

If you have to work on Black Friday (or worse, on both Thanksgiving and Black Friday), you’re probably already bracing yourself the longest, most stressful day of the year. Americans love a good bargain, but they sometimes lose their manners in pursuit of it.

To help you survive, I asked Laura MacLeod, creator of From the Inside Out Program, which helps hourly employees increase their skills, for some advice on handling Black Friday.

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2 thoughts on “Surviving a Black Friday work shift

  1. It’s funny, over here in the UK we used to wonder what the hell was going on during Black Friday, how anyone could get that intense about going to a shop, but the last couple of years we have had the same thing happen, it is crazy.

    Must be awful working that day.

    1. I’ve never worked retail during black Friday (well, I’ve worked corporate retail, but that’s different), but I did work at Burger King on Black Friday. Non-stop customers all day long. You’d think people would be home eating leftover turkey, but no, they got Whoppers.

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