5 Signs That You Are A Jerk and How to Fix It

People aren’t very good at judging themselves. We like to think we are, but it turns out we’re not very good at it all. If you doubt this, think about the times you’ve sat down with an employee and discussed their performance, only to be met with blank stares and utter denial.

Columbia Business School Professor Daniel R. Ames and doctoral candidate Abbie W. Wazlawek conducted research where, at the end of a negotiation session they asked the participants to rate both themselves and their partners on how assertive they had been–under assertive, appropriately assertive and over assertive. Funny thing is, self perception didn’t match up with their partner’s perception–no better than flipping a coin.

All this boils down to the very real possibility that you are a jerk and you don’t realize it. Seem impossible? Read this and then ask if that is still impossible.

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4 thoughts on “5 Signs That You Are A Jerk and How to Fix It

  1. I will make this easy.

    “Are you the CEO of the place I used to work?”

    If “yes,” then you are a jerk.

    (What? The reason we don’t get employee name plates is because it is too expensive? It’s only expensive when you keep having to buy new ones and throwing away others that were used for less than a year.)

  2. Great article! Now if only we could be sure the jerks would read it. They will probably see the title and think “That’s not me, no need to read!”

    I suggest you publish the same article under the title “Your employees think you are great! Find out why!” to lure them in…

  3. Jerk can’t be cured. It’s not a disease, it’s who they are. It’s kind of like a girl thinking she can change a guy after marrying him…never happens.

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