What HR Jargon Do You Need to Know?

When I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Political Science, there weren’t many jobs available for someone who was trained in judicial politics. Okay, there were no jobs in judicial politics in the town where I lived.

So, I decided I needed to do something different than policy analysis, but what? I loved teaching and knew that many Human Resources departments did training, so I decided I would work in HR.

However, I had zero experience and very little knowledge, so where could I begin?

I called several temp agencies and said, “I will do anything in an HR department.” I can type very fast and had good references, so they rapidly placed me as an administrative assistant in the HR department of a mid-sized company.

It was like moving into a new world. I had to ask a million questions, but fortunately when I did, my boss patiently answered them.

To learn some of the HR Jargon you should really know, follow the link!

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One thought on “What HR Jargon Do You Need to Know?

  1. I Really enjoyed your post about having to learn about the HR jargon. Sometimes I do feel like we are equivalent to doctors or lawyers because we have such specific Lingo. I find myself having to interpret to a lot of non HR folks when discussing HR issues. It always takes me back when I forget not everyone speaks HR. Great post thanks for sharing.

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