12 Factors Other Than Ability That Impact Your Success at Work

The hardest and smartest work should get the promotion and the praise, right? But it doesn’t always work out that way. Every wondered why ability isn’t always king? Baseball Coach Jon Loomer identified 12 Factors Other Than Ability That Impact Playing Time for his teams. The principles transfer easily to the business world, so with his permission, here is why being good at your job isn’t good enough.

1. Do you hustle?

Coach Loomer says “A primary goal of every coach should be to hustle more than the opposition. If you run harder and work harder than the other team, you are making them earn everything.” Your competition isn’t always as obvious off the field as it is on the field. Did Marriott know that it was going to be in direct competition with a little company called Airbnb? Not at the beginning they didn’t.

Your need to be moving, looking, seeing. Never walk to a base when you can run-you may think your idea is so awesome you can take forever getting to the next step, but your competition is hustling, and they might get you.

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