Can I be written up for this?

Recently my boss went out of town. Upon her return, she called me and my co-worker into her office to tell us that our HR person emailed her while she was out and said someone in the office complained about us being too loud. Yes, we were joking and laughing, but no one came to me to complain or ask that we lower our voices. Still, my supervisor told me the incident is going on my record. I feel like I’m in kindergarten even asking for advice on this, but can I really be written up for talking loudly? In seven years of working here, I’ve never had my conduct questioned. Furthermore, I am up for a promotion and I feel this will hurt my chances for advancement. Am I entitled to know who made this claim? Do I advise the HR person it was never brought to my attention? Please help.

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7 thoughts on “Can I be written up for this?

  1. It always amazes me when employers don’t realize that it is counterproductive to treat adults like children (or like people who cannot be trusted, or like criminals, etc.).

  2. Deja Vu!

    This happened to a co-worker and myself. We didn’t get written up but someone actually did complain that we were laughing! To make it worse, we worked in HR.
    We got called into the VP’s office and reprimanded. She did tell us who made the complaint!

    1. See, that seems normal, you got talked to not written up. The write up seems excessive and the Op probably has to sign something acknowledging it so that sucks

  3. This feels very much like something else is going on. My first thought went to what it was OP and friend were laughing about, regardless of language. That certainly could be an issue but simply being too loud should not in and of itself be a problem. The other possibility that came to mind is the promotion OP mentions. How public is that knowledge? Was that part of the discussion?
    While it may feel like kindergarten, unfortunately, adults can be childish. But it may also be a lesson learned about what to talk about in the workplace.

  4. A friend of mine had something simular happen to her ( getting talked to about stupid stuff). Her company has a restrictive dress code. No jeans at all. Other stuff restricted as well.

    She wore a cotton summer pant that had a light blue jean color to it. Like the manufactor wanted it to look like the color of jeans but without the heaviness and darker color. They had no back pockets, no seams, again a light cotton material. ( I saw it ). I think just an elastic waist.

    The other girls complained to the supervisor and although the supervisor knew they were not jeans, asked her not to wear the pants again. ( Whimpy supervisor)

    So, going with the theme of the OP’s situation my theory is her co-workers said something on purpose to get her into trouble ( so to speak) and not that they cared about the pants that were so clearly not jeans. My guess is they don’t like her that much and knew she’d get ” in trouble for this”. ( Can see it. She is like a little Miss Goody Two Shoes and I am sure she is a little snotty overall)

    Anyway…. yes OP this is totally stupid on their part. No matter what the issue is at least I’d just keep my eyes open for other stuff like this.

    Have there been other dumb things like this? That my have happen to others?

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