I work for a small, established company, and we don’t have policies in place for employee reviews. Actually, we don’t really do reviews at all. I find this odd. Is there a reason a company wouldn’t ask for or provide formal feedback? If I wanted to put a procedure in place for the people I manage in my department, what would I need?

To read the answer, click here: How to Implement Yearly Reviews

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2 thoughts on “How to Implement Yearly Reviews

  1. evil hr lady sucks

    all i did was ask you a simple question and you misinterpreted and twisted my intentions, making me sound like a bad guy when i had not malicious intent

  2. Thank you! I start prepping for reviews in January (handing out the employee self evaluation, info updates, etc.). The process has always worked well, and has been completed within the proper timelines, etc. Well, late last year, a rockstar HR person was hired into my department who had brilliant, I’m talking fantastic (can you hear the sarcasm?) ideas on how to do things ‘better’. So, all things ‘review’ were handed over to her by management. She has spent the last, oh, several months ‘refining’ the process but not getting anything done!!! And now she ‘doesn’t have time’ within her busy schedule to fit reviews onto her already busy plate!!! My Manager told me that it now has to get done and that it is getting thrown back at me!!! I am going to print this and hand it to Management to show that my way of doing reviews (pretty much how you wrote it out in your article) wasn’t ‘wrong’ after all. It’s just too bad that so much time has passed, and that they seemed to sympathize with the rockstar when she was just to ‘overloaded’ with work! I will whip out the reviews so that staff no longer have to wait. I have been keeping up regular progress reports with them anyways. And then, I guess in 4 more months we’ll be doing it again!

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