3 thoughts on “Star Wars Open Enrollment Period

  1. Great pun on Star Wars but the best part was real reference to how companies manipulate employees into signing paperwork for thir benefit not the employees and ignore all questions for explanations. It takes a special person to be that removed from the human side and think like a robot only answering to key words. Well my response is it does not compute to my way of thinking and would be questioning every line on all paperwork I’m asked to sign especially when it means that I will be liable.

    1. Interesting perspective. Companies don’t benefit financially by offering benefits to their employees. They would benefit by NOT offering benefits to their employees.

      1. It depends on the benefits. Companies definitely benefit from offering health and wellness benefits to employees, which directly contribute to a healthier, more productive, workforce, with less absenteeism. Companies also benefit by being able to attract better employees, as a result of offering competitive — or better — benefits.

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