2015 Holiday Guide to Office Gift Etiquette

If you haven’t bought Holiday gifts for people at work yet, good, because there is distinct etiquette involved in how this works. Of course, if the people in your office think of Weird Al as their etiquette guru, you might want to ignore this and buy custom bobbleheads for all, but otherwise, think about these things.

Presents go down and not up.

Your boss gets you a present. You do not get a present for your boss. It’s okay to do a small group present where all the direct reports chip in. But this should be a token-something like a box of chocolates or a bottle of wine (assuming your boss a. eats chocolate or b. drinks wine). It should not be something expensive, and if not everyone contributes, it still comes from the whole staff.

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One thought on “2015 Holiday Guide to Office Gift Etiquette

  1. I don’t expect anything this year, but nothing beats time off or cash (or cash equivalents).

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