Building a New HR Team Without Breaking the Bank

As soon as you hire your first employee, you need HR knowledge. As the number of employees at your company grows, you’ll need a whole HR team. That may sound ridiculous to a business leader looking to save on costs: After all, if you have 50 employees under your roof, it makes no sense to have five HR people running around, does it? But believe it or not, you really do need all areas of human resources covered as your company grows, even if you’re miles away from the enterprise level. Let’s investigate how a full HR department can positively impact your business, as well as look at creative ways to form that HR team — even if you can’t afford to hire an HR generalist.

Legal Compliance

Did you know that you can’t dock the pay of an exempt employee? Did you know that, if an employee complains to you that she has chronic migraines and you don’t offer FMLA coverage, you could be held liable (if you have 50 or more employees)? Did you know that you can’t offer comp time in lieu of overtime pay for a nonexempt employee? Having someone who’s on top of these laws helps protect your business from lawsuits and ensures that your employees are compensated fairly.

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7 thoughts on “Building a New HR Team Without Breaking the Bank

  1. Since I can no longer read your blog articles with having a pop-up blocking me, I must say “adios” to you.
    I have enough crap on health care reform without being blocked by a popup requiring me to answer questions.

    1. Hi Parker,

      Wow. I stumbled across a comment you made on another site, regarding pets passing before an interview. Your lack of compassion and empathy, inspired me to google you, to ensure I do not apply for a job position within your company. I was especially hoping to find a picture of you, so if I ended up sitting in front of you in an interview, I could save both of our times and leave.
      However, I am disappointed to see that I am only able to find nasty comments on various websites from you. I truly hope Parker Daws is your real name, and not just a fake name or hyphenated last name! How am I supposed to know how to avoid you???

      Take care and I wish you the best, in terms of karma.


  2. Thanks for this! If the office manager (or other employee) starts taking on HR duties, and assuming they do a good job with them, would that warrant a pay raise?

    1. Depends. If the duties are added on, I’d say yes. If you were hired to do that in the first place, no.

  3. I had to laugh. My state isn’t listed, so I chose that and agent/broker to read the article. Of course it’s Anthem.

    This interests me, as a non exempt employee “Did you know that you can’t offer comp time in lieu of overtime pay for a nonexempt employee?” I think that’s what my employer is doing. In the summer, we work extra time one week, like a half hour a day, but put down 40 hours on our time cards. The next week, the same for 3 days, making 4 hours total, and then leave at Noon on Friday. We’re paid biweekly, so for that paycheck, it’s an 80 hour paycheck.

    So to be legal, how would this work? Or is it OK because it falls within the pay period? I work in PA if that matters.

    1. No, it’s not legal, but I wouldn’t rock the boat on that one, because most people prefer the friday afternoon off.

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