With Power Comes Pain: The Downsides to Being the Boss

When you want to climb the career ladder, your goal is generally to land in management. Senior management if you can.

Being the boss is awesome. You get to present your ideas. People want your approval. You get to decide which projects go forward and which are killed. Sounds like a dream come true.

However, being the boss can be super hard. There’s a reason managers get paid (generally) more than individual contributors. Here are the downsides to being the boss.

You Have to Fire People

It’s not like on a television show where the person is such a screw-up and the boss is so indignantly righteous that firing the person is the only logical thing to do.

Most firings are far more complex than that. I’ve helped many a manager fire or layoff employees, and there’s not a single person that enjoyed it.

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