An HR Manager Reveals: Why I Threw Out Your Résumé

So often it seems like when you submit a résumé to a company, either via email or an online application, it’s like sending it into a black hole.

You apply, and you get a response 30 seconds later saying, “Thanks for applying,” and that’s that. You never hear anything again.

What’s happening? You worked so hard to make a good first impression—but maybe you’re doing all the wrong things.

Your résumé is getting thrown out and here’s why.

You Applied for a Job You’re Not Even Remotely Qualified For

We all complain about online application processes that are tedious and annoying, but that doesn’t stop people from applying for jobs they aren’t qualified for.

Sure, there are some times you should apply for a job that is a stretch, but a small stretch and not something you would never be considered for.

It’s not harmless either. If you apply for jobs you’re not qualified for at a company; the recruiter won’t consider you for for jobs you are qualified for.

She’ll know you don’t want this job, you just want a job. Don’t waste your time.

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6 thoughts on “An HR Manager Reveals: Why I Threw Out Your Résumé

  1. Brilliant article – I’ll be sharing far and wide.
    Regarding people applying for roles they’re not remotely qualified for – a former colleague had a great idea for a reality TV Show called ‘You applied for it – you do it’ where people are made to carry out the jobs they’re in no way qualified for but still applied for.
    It would be endlessly entertaining!

  2. I feel like I should add to the list of things NOT to include on a resume a couple things I’ve seen recently: Information about your children and their accomplishments and the last book you read.

  3. You left this out: The automated filtering system rejected you because of a minor discrepancy between your qualifications and the job description. Been there, done that. Had a posting that was *specifically* set up for me and got the “thanks but no thanks” message in 30 seconds. Why? The hiring manager asked for an “engineering” degree (for a programming job) and mine is in “computer science.” The filter couldn’t figure that one out and so rejected the application. I’ve seen that happen in other circumstances as well.

    It’s also a problem when humans do the filtering. HR doesn’t understand technology and so looks for specific code words and acronyms, when there are many equivalent alternatives. So the idea of “not remotely qualified” is bunk in my opinion. It’s also possible that it is “qualified, but the gate-keepers won’t forward to someone who can actually assess that.”

    1. I wish I could say you were nuts and that would never happen, but you’re not nuts and that happens every day.


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