8 Ways to Gain Respect from Your Coworkers

Some people just walk into a room, and every eye and ear are immediately tuned into them. Is it magic? Doubtful. In reality, that person has worked hard over the years to gain the respect of the people who work around him. You can gain respect as well. Here are eight secrets about how to become respected at work.

Follow the Rule

Sure, on television, it’s always the rogue cop or the office worker who pushes the limits that win the rewards and praise. In real life, it’s the person who does what they are supposed to do. This is especially important if you’re the boss.

The boss who slacks off, comes in late, leaves early and spends more time shopping online than working won’t engender respect. While the effect of rule following isn’t as strong among peers, it still plays a critical role. People don’t respect people who don’t respect the rules.

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  1. What a GREAT article either to truly learn from or as a strong reminder of how things should be done to gain respect. Thanks for this one!!

  2. Such a great post! Just so you know, “about money” has you as the Evil HT Lady! I just love the way you focus on listening, making mistakes AND standing up for yourself. Really well balanced….

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