Gene Wilder died yesteday, and as the world mourns his passing, I’m reminded of his famous role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I loved this book as a child, but as I’ve gotten older, the labor violations bother me. So, just what would happen if you managed like Willy Wonka? Hop over to Inc and read why what Willy Wonka really needed was an employment attorney.

Click here to read: What if You  Managed Like Willy Wonka

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7 thoughts on “Managing Like Willy Wonka

  1. Hahaha, this was great. But don’t forget; Mr. Wonka was fabulously wealthy, and he could easily buy off politicians and regulators and do anything he wanted. There was an article on Buzzfeed the other day about the secret global high court that lets execs do anything—no one would be able to fight him.

    That is, if he weren’t really a good guy. <3 A;so, have you read Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator? He saved the world from the Vermicious Knids!

    Fun facts: Dahl hated the Wilder version of the film and because of that, he refused to allow a film of the Great Glass Elevator. Also, there was to be a third book, but he died before that happened. 🙁

    1. To be honest, I hate the Gene Wilder version too–because Charlie drinks the fizzy lifting drinks. It’s like they missed the whole point of Charlie inheriting because he wasn’t a greedy jerk like the other kids.

    2. Dahl’s books have an edge, and Wilder was zanier. I think that’s a case where the movie was loosely based on the book and a better movie because it diverged. I think if translated more directly it would have been a pale copy.

    3. Yeah, books don’t necessarily translate well to the big screen. The Johnny Depp version also diverged strongly from the book.

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