Ask A Manager & Evil HR Lady Answer a Question Together

First of all, if you’re not reading Ask a Manager every day, shame on you. Alison Green is brilliant and you should follow her. She came across a sitaution she’s not terribly familiar with–the expat family interview. So, since I’m an expat, and I know a lot of expats, she asked me for my help with a question.

Hop over to Ask a Manager and read: Company wants to have tea with my family as part of an international interview

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3 thoughts on “Ask A Manager & Evil HR Lady Answer a Question Together

  1. I am new at my job and my co workers informed me about a high maintenance nurse practitioner that had to be babied all the time.
    I am at my wits end!!
    She tells me to do something ,which I do, and then turns around and asks someone else to do the same exact thing….. What do I do? The co worker she asks gives her the same info I already did..I can’t take much more!!!

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