Gadgets Work-From-Home People Need

I’ve worked from home for a long time. During that time, I’ve picked up a few ideas about what makes a home office great and what makes it merely tolerable. If you want to check out the things ever telecommuter needs, click here: 9 Gadgets Every Telecommuter Needs

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5 thoughts on “Gadgets Work-From-Home People Need

  1. 2, 5, 6 and 9 have benefits even if you are not working from home but on the computer.

    I’m guessing that using the wireless headset and running into the bathroom is not a good idea? 😉

  2. Not just a big monitor – TWO monitors.

    Just think, I could have Evil’s article up on one screen while perusing the comments on another!

  3. A really great list! My current job allows me to work at home two days a week and it’s my first time having this benefit. I got the biggest ROI from these:
    -Chair: I thought I had a nice chair but it was really only comfy for short periods of time. When I went looking at new chairs I saw they were rated by hours. Probably not super scientific but getting one rated for more hours has been amazing.
    -Monitor/keyboard: The monitor was essential as working on my 13″ laptop was impossible. A full keyboard was also super helpful (I use the numeric keypad a lot). If you don’t have enough USB ports, you can buy an expander for pretty cheap. I agree with Charles above that two monitors is even better. I’m used to two monitors in the office so it’s hard to go back. I got a thing to raise my laptop up. It’s officially for keeping it cool but having my laptop screen and my external monitor at the same height is much easier for me.

  4. Printer/scanner/copier combo…?

    I’ve been essentially paperless since 2009. There’s nothing on my desk and I edit and sign everything via computer….wherever I happen to be.

    I had a driving trip this summer where in the evenings I caught up on critical issues, taught a class and did other things without ever wondering where that piece of paper was.

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