How to Stop Helicopter Parenting

When you hover over your kid and fix all his problems, you’re being a good parent, but when your neighbor does it, it’s obnoxious helicopter parenting. Or something.

The problem is, helicoptered kids aren’t prepared to solve their own problems, which  makes it tough for them to survive in a business environment. But, what if business owners could solve the problem?

Here’s how: How Entrepreneurs Can Stop Helicopter Parenting

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3 thoughts on “How to Stop Helicopter Parenting

  1. I’ve actually heard of helicopter parents trying to insert themselves into the hiring process: seeking to participate in the interview and/or negotiate the pay, etc. Unless the applicant has a disability requiring such assistance, employers need to nip that kind of involvement in the bud by not allowing it from the onset.

  2. Years ago, I once had to deal with an employee and his parents. This employee seemed to have a very hard time coming to work on time. He would give excuses like, “there are too many traffic lights.” A couple of times he was no-call, no show. A couple of times, after he received formal discipline, his parents would contact us. It was ridiculous and we would tell them we don’t discuss private personnel matters. The employee was eventually terminated. He had a hard time taking any responsibility for his actions. I can only imagine why.

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