No, NBC Should Not Have Fired Billy Bush

I am really, really, tired of this election. I just with that there would stop be employment related things going on in the election. Can’t we keep it to important issues like we need a law that prohibits hidden raisins in cinnamon rolls? Right? Of course right. I’m not sure why this isn’t part of both major parties’ platforms.

I digress. The person who is probably most fed up is Billy Bush, who lost his job for something that happened a long time ago, and for something he would have been fired for speaking up against. To read more, click here: No, NBC Should Not Have Fired Billy Bush.

And for more fun, let’s list really important laws you’d like to see passed, like the no hidden raisin ones. Serious laws will be ignored. 🙂

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23 thoughts on “No, NBC Should Not Have Fired Billy Bush

  1. If I ask for Coke and you bring me Pepsi, my meal should be free.

    Any cookie that contains raisins must clearly be labeled as such, so as to not trick us into thinking they are chocolate chips.

    People caught driving below the speed limit in the left lane shall have their license suspended until they take a driving class.

    I should be queen.

  2. I agree – Bush was used as a scapegoat, lost his job either way he went.

    Every business should be required to serve ice cream sundaes with the works 1 day a month! Or at least a rootbeer float.

  3. “No, NBC Should Not Have Fired Billy Bush

    A woman wouldn’t have been fired for the same thing.

    To read this article and more great content, please log in or create an account:” This makes me sad.

  4. Now wait, it wasn’t that he didn’t stand up to Trump. He actively participated and egged him on. He could easily have chuckled and winked at Trump to keep the peace without making his own additive comments. And there have been reports that this behavior was typical for him. BB himself said early on that NBC never had a problem with his behavior before and that he and producers routinely engaged in bro talk. Do I think NBC was right to wait until this was a national embarrassment before dealing with it? No, but Billy was not just a scapegoat.

    1. And then he hopped out of the bus and collared one of the actresses they’d been discussing into giving Trump a hug.

      So yes, he’s was probably fired more for embarrassing the network than because the network really disapproves of treating women poorly, but you really can’t compare him to women who were subjected to harassment and obnoxious behavior by people like him.

      1. Yeah, I could see him going along until he could get away from Trump, but when he did that, I lost all sympathy for him. I mean, GAH. He facilitated a hug with someone who had just finished bragging that he assaulted women!!

        NBC probably fired him to protect their brand, now that everyone is realizing just how toxic Trump is. It’s all about branding.

        1. 100% agree. Billy Bush’s behavior wasn’t as bad as Trump’s, but that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t terrible and sexual harassment for his coworkers in its own right.

          I think I’ll save my sympathy for people who’ve actually been harassed, not the harassers who’ve been fired.

  5. Totally agree EHRL! Never has it been more cringe worthy. Or embarrassing. Or awful. This is the best we can do? Ugh.

    Law: Bacon must always be served crispy. Always. Or my meal is free (nod to Annie).

  6. Not only do I agree that he should not have been fired, I essentially said it here on October 12 in the comment section of “Was the Trump Recording Sexual Harassment.”

    So do I get a prize for scooping EVIL HR Lady on her own website?

  7. “And for more fun, let’s list really important laws you’d like to see passed, like the no hidden raisin ones. Serious laws will be ignored.”

    How about a law that requires lawmakers to live under a law for a year BEFORE they inflict it on the rest of society?

    On a more serious note; how about the US congress NOT be exempt from any laws they pass?

    1. Charles, that’s silly talk. Congress would never burden themselves with the laws they burden us with!

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