Was the Trump Recording Sexual Harassment?

As you’ve probably heard, audio from a 2005 conversation between Donald Trump and Billy Bush surfaced recently. In that, we can hear Trump saying some extremely inappropriate things. I’m going to stipulate that what he said was inappropriate and offensive and that there is no question as to that, but could the bosses at Days of Our Lives (where Trump and Bush were headed), Access Hollywood (Bush’s employer) or Trump’s company itself be held liable for sexual harassment?

I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t pretend to be one, so this isn’t legal advice, but here we go.

For illegal sexual harassment to occur, two things have to happen. First, someone has to be offended, and two, a “reasonable person” would have to be offended.

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15 thoughts on “Was the Trump Recording Sexual Harassment?

  1. The recording and the conversation themselves weren’t sexual harassment, but the conduct described in the recording would be considered sexual harassment or sexual assault.

  2. Right on, grannybunny – I don’t think anyone is saying his conversation was harassment – but the actions he actually said he did were assault.

  3. No. Trump was referring (in what he believed was a man 2 man confidential private manhood bravado talk) to what he does as a result of being a “celebrity ” wealthy man where women gladly and with pleasant consent aka “groupies” let him do what he wants. Including touching their ps. It’s a fact of life. It happens all day long to athletes, rock stars, movie stars. So Trump was being Trump and was just being honest-what a novel idea! Honesty, something #CrookedHillary doesn’t know if it hit her in the face #Wikileaks While back stabber Billy Bush was just trying to help family member “low energy Jeb” get back at Trump for tearing him down. FYI It’s being revealed these losers: Ryan, Jeb, MSM, Clinton Camp had their hands all over the leak. It won’t work in the end. Trump is still going to win. By a Latina for Trump. Palante senor Trump! Para tras ni pa cojer impulso- as my dear late mom and Trump supporter would say. 🙂 Love you mom keeping the faith and the fight. #PresidentTrump

    1. The men who talk like that really ought to consider how they talk about women even when they’re not in the room. My husband was shocked!!! There are certainly a**holes across the political spectrum. Bill Cosby and Ghomeshi (in Canada) certainly had the same entitlement and his bill has come due. Bill Clinton was kind of all over the news a while ago…

      I hope times continue to change and that this behavior generally is no longer tolerated. I hope you don’t think that’s an ok way to talk about women ever!!!

      1. Clearly Mildred has swallowed the Kool-aid of lies. You’re wasting your time–she’s already succumbed.

        I hope the same thing, though. No one, male or female, should have to put up with this kind of [squid poo], at work or elsewhere.

    2. I concur, and also, whatever happened to certain things staying behind closed doors. I really am sick of hearing about every lewd comment someone makes.

      It’s also annoying because HRC and some others don’t get called out for some comments that equally as damaging. For example, during the debate this weekend, HRC had no solution for ObamaCare being expensive. That is something that actually impacts people I know. Not something someone said 11 years ago behind closed doors.

    3. I am not a Trump fan and there are plenty of things he has said that are truly unbelievable and abhorrent, but I agree that he wasn’t describing assault. He was describing what fawning celeb lovers allow.

      1. I’ve thought about this before posting but this needs a response. I assume that you are male. As a female person, when I am surprised in the moment my first response is escape, avoid, keep safe. These have clearly been not just words but actions (plenty of reports existed before the recording came out and others after.) I hope you don’t ever speak about women that way, even amongst men. If you do, please stop and consider whether you really consider women inferior to men.

        1. I am female. I was not referring to the universe of things that Trump has said and done, or allegedly said and done. I am also not defending the level of vulgarity in these comments in particular. I am only saying that I did not hear a description of assault.

  4. I think for it to be legal sexual harrassment, the person being harrassed has to actually hear what is said. I don’t think that happened here.

  5. I think it sad that Billy Bush is “technically fired” (1) for trying to play nice to a guest on the show, whist the Orange Hitler sloughs it off like it was nothing and just “locker room talk.” At the same time professional sports teams have said “That’s not our locker room talk” (2).

    From personal experience, I have heard people say inappropriate things, but most certainly nowhere near as explicit as Orange Nero did. Even though in some cases I was able to walk away that did not change the person and they continued to act that way.

    I feel sorry for Billy Bush and am even more furious at you know who.

    Note 1: https://pagesix.com/2016/10/11/nbc-insiders-say-billy-bush-will-be-fired/

    Note 2: http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/athletes-trump-locker-room-talks-42713238

  6. I don’t think what he said to someone in private is in and of itself sexual harassment, but surely walking in on underage women changing, is? I don’t think anyone (excepting someone it happened to) can directly tie what he said to a specific incident, but, it sure as heck shows how he feels about women. and saying that the person it happened to has to be upset for it to count, sounds weird. so if i am okay with being beaten by my partner, for whatever reason, that is okay? we are saying that women ‘fawn over him’ and therefore they deserve to be ‘grabbed by the ps’ or ‘kissed’ without consent?

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