Good News For Ugly People: You’re Going to be Rich

Beautiful people earn more money than regular folks. We’ve known this for a long time and it’s been widely reported on. But research from Satoshi Kanazawa and Mary C. Still found that it’s not the beautiful people who have an advantage when it comes to pay: It’s the ugly people. Yes, there is no beautiful premium, but there is an ugly premium.

Kanazawa and Still questioned the past findings about the beautiful people because of flaws they saw in the research. They write:

Past findings of beauty premium and ugliness penalty may possibly be due to the fact that: 1) “very unattractive” and “unattractive” categories are usually collapsed into “below average” category; and 2) health, intelligence (as opposed to education) and Big Five personality factors are not controlled. It appears that more beautiful workers earn more, not because they are beautiful, but because they are healthier, more intelligent, and have better (more Conscientious and​ Extraverted, and less Neurotic) personality.

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6 thoughts on “Good News For Ugly People: You’re Going to be Rich

  1. My guess is that it’s gender biased and for women there is still a beauty premium compared to men.

    1. I don’t know. Why am I not one either? All the nasty emails I got after I criticized Megyn Kelly told me I was ugly, so where’s my extra pay???

  2. Who’s neurotic? I’m not neurotic, no not me. If extraversion is good then of course introversion is bad. And seriously in the paper height is “known to be correlated” with intelligence? I guess I’m just screwed then.

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