Why HR Is Critical for Business Success

Lots of people misunderstand HR. After all, HR is the group that often has to deliver bad news. But HR can be a rewarding career that makes a difference in people’s lives and helps businesses succeed.

Why HR?

Many individuals pursue HR because they love people. A good HR leader understands people, business and how the two fit together. The ideal HR leader knows that hiring, developing and retaining excellent employees is the key to a successful organization.

Leading With the Right Skills

A great HR leader needs to be a liaison between all the departments of an organization. For example, business leaders often think they can cut expenses by paying people less. It’s up to an HR leader to point out that paying people below market rate can result in unhappy and unproductive employees.

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4 thoughts on “Why HR Is Critical for Business Success

  1. I agree HR can be essential to the success of an organization. I have experienced great HR and horrible HR. Horrible HR occurs when leadership demands HR be a change agent and allows HR great leeway for implementing that change. An example would be an organization which traditionally negotiated annually with various employee groups for employment environment and conditions; and then no longer wanting that practice and going about its dissolution in a grossly demoralizing way. This included a great deal of deception. Great HR occurs when leadership provides framework for HR to be a change agent that includes checks and balances allowing employee morale to remain intact and allowing HR to achieve its goals. I know unwelcome change can be implemented as long as an organization demonstrates its employees play a primary role in its success.

  2. If you had ever really worked in “HR” you would know that the biggest problem with recognition and credibility of Human Resources is calling it “HR.” Too many “HR” people are clueless, too few Human Resources people exist. Call the function by its proper name. You don’t hear Accounting people talk about ACTG, or Engineers being proud of ENG. You don’t hear a lot about the MR people in Marketing Research. Human Resources be proud of your function not ashamed to say the words.

  3. Human Resources function is changing rapidly in the last years and now it is transforming from being process designer to being experience designer. Human Resources will be the leading to success only when it understands the business and links it to people working for it. Think of a new startup company owner, you are the hr, finance, operations, CEO of your company. You focus your soft and hard skills to ramp up the business capability of your company. How do you behave from hr perspective as an owner? Every action you take or decide contains a linkage between business values, targets and people capability, talent in other words HR. If you are having new project lets say, you think of acquiring some people that would do the project, you even think yourself as a resource. Then you focus on the capability you need to do the project, and so on. You hire, train and try to retain the project members. So you start thinking exactly from the business needs perspective, not from HR processes perspective. This is very simple, isn’t it? It should not be so complicated. Just focus on needs of the users of hr systems this is how hr would think from the business perspective, then It will lead the organisation towards success.

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