Is Hiring Students Worth the Investment?

Hiring students to work at your restaurant seems pretty normal. However, employing younger staff members comes with both benefits and drawbacks. Is it the right decision for your restaurant? Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

Think about Training Time

If you hire students to work at your restaurant, it will likely be their first or second job. You will have to train them on every little detail of the job. This will likely include handwashing, food preparation, how to use a cash register, and even how to respond to a cranky customer. Because of their lack of experience, you will most likely have to train young employees on how to be polished and professional.

However, you also won’t have to train young employees on how to move away from bad habits that were learned at other jobs. In other words, if you hire a hard-working, capable teenager with the right attitude, it can be easier to start from scratch rather than retraining an employee with prior experience.

Be Aware of Any Restrictions

Most people who work part-time jobs do so because they have other commitments. However, hiring young, part-time employees can come with some restrictions that you don’t have to worry about with adult employees. For instance, state laws vary but some states have strict rules in regard to the number of hours teenagers can work, how late they can work, and what tasks they can do. Make sure you’re following the law before you hire teens.

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7 thoughts on “Is Hiring Students Worth the Investment?

  1. Hiring the right kind of employees is always hard but hiring teenagers can create future better motivated employees for the labor force. As long as labor rules are maintained, the employer gets an employee who is tuned to needs of his business. I would like to see more employers do this.

  2. It’s people like you that give hiring a bad name. Next you’ll be wondering if you should hire someone with a scuff on their shoe since it’s an indication that they are detail oriented. Let’s just keep looking for a purple squirrel shall we?

    1. I’m guessing Seal read the headline, assumed the article was going to detail the problems with teenagers, and wrote a comment.

      1. Likely, but even peering through the Hubble telescope I’m still not seeing any connection.

        We do know that Seals bark. Arf!

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  4. In the 1970s the high school I attended had an electronics shop where I learned to fix radios and TVs. As part of the co-operative education program, I got class credit for working in a nearby TV shop. I had previously worked washing dishes in a 24-hour coffee shop.

    In those years, TV repair men had a somewhat sullied reputation as being willing to gouge unsuspecting customers. My boss didn’t do that. He freely admitted he could double his income if he did. He was one of a few bosses I am very grateful to have had who taught me exemplary business ethics. So, yes, working as a student was worth it because it formed me in very constructive ways. I did a good job for my boss, so I sincerely hope he recouped his investment in me.

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