Your HR Manager Wishes You Already Knew These Things

Most Human Resources people want to do the fun stuff in HR–developing people, training, supporting the business, etc. What do we spend our time with? These things. These things that you should already know–like the fact that it’s really, really, really important to be to work when your boss wants you there. If that means 8:00, it  means 8:00, not 8:17, or 9:34.  (If your boss is all about flexibility, then cool.)  We also want you to know that little things matter—how you dress, how you interact, and that grunt work has to be done and you’re likely to be the person who has to do it.

You can really jump start your career if you understand these things that your HR manager wishes you  already knew. Make yourself part of the solution rather than the problem.

To read all about it, click here: 11 Things Your HR Manager Wishes You Already Knew

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6 thoughts on “Your HR Manager Wishes You Already Knew These Things

  1. I once had an employee develop MS, who couldn’t get in to our disability plan since he turned it down when he was hired. It sucked so badly that this young father of two had to cope with a chronic and perhaps progressive disease without the safety net offered by insurance. Now a days I use this as a cautionary tale to scare new hires into making the smart choice.

  2. All the list comes under the terminology of being an adult, hence the need for adulting classes. We wouldn’t need articles like this, if people learn how to deal with others properly.

  3. I thought his blog was excellent – relevant & accurate! I am almost contemplating sending out to my whole company so that they truly can see HR through the operating reality of our HR people! Thoroughly enjoy your work!!!!!

  4. This post is right on. One caveat though, about the entry-level work: A lot of times, women have to be careful not to get pushed into doing administrative or housekeeping tasks when they’re not administrative assistants.

    If everybody takes a turn cleaning the kitchen at a small company, that’s one thing. But if you’re a consultant and it’s the admin’s job, don’t take on that task. Just nicely redirect someone who asks you to do it (if they’re not your boss). “Hey Jack, Julie is actually the one who handles that. You might let her know the kitchen needs attention.” Or making a catering order for a meeting, or taking minutes, etc. Find out who does those things also, so you know who to ask if you need them done.

    If they are your boss, you might sit down with them and make sure your responsibilities are clearly delineated.

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