The Five Types of Moms You Meet in the Office

Mother’s Day is on Sunday, so naturally, we think about our moms. But have you thought about the types of moms you run into in the office? Every office seems to have at least some of them. Here are five you probably know.

1. The Office Mom.

The Office Mom may or may not have children of her own, but regardless, she thinks she is your mother. And your co-workers’ mother, and your boss’s mother, and probably even the clients’ mother.

She’s the one who cleans the break room, even though it’s not her job, but makes sure you know how she’s doing it as a sacrifice because she cares. She asks you how your love life is going and if you say it’s going poorly, she’ll give you counsel and advice until your ears bleed. She’s got advice for everything from nutrition to fashion to how you should spend your weekends. If you try to move away from the child role, she’ll feel hurt. Fair warning.

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4 thoughts on “The Five Types of Moms You Meet in the Office

  1. Humiliating. Why would you encourage this by reposting?? This shallow characterization of women (by a woman) is why women don’t trust other women.

  2. There’s the new mom who promises and promises she’s coming back to work after maternity leave. And doesn’t. Or comes back for a week of constant calls to day care and fretting, then quits.

    1. From a purely practical perspective, when you benefits (health, short term disability) are tied to employment saying nothing is the only practical choice. Some moms really [squidlips] don’t want to stay home and are not unnatural because of that. There are also plenty of men who would like to take paternity leave but are afraid of being pushed out because of it.

      There’s also the possibility of doing better work after having kids (and the results to go with it) – dealing with toddlers has been an excellent crash course for handling certain “adults” in my office.

      (Suzanne, the [squidlips] is for you!)

  3. This is a dreadful & sexist article. I am shocked that you have posted it.
    Please consider removing it.
    Very surprised to see someone who purportedly offers HR advice posting something so politically incorrect and insulting.

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