Types of Dental Insurance: Choosing the Best Plan for Your Business

Good oral health can have a big impact on the overall wellness of your employees and may also lead to lower medical costs. That’s why choosing the right type of dental insurance for your workforce is so important.

The American Dental Association breaks out the types of dental insurance plans into two main types: fee-for-service plans and managed care plans. There are other types of plans, but these two are the most common. Here’s what you need to know so you can select a plan that fits the needs of your employees.

Fee-for-Service Plans

With a fee-for-service plan, when your employee sees a dentist, his insurance plan will reimburse him for all or a portion of the cost of the treatment.

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One thought on “Types of Dental Insurance: Choosing the Best Plan for Your Business

  1. When I had a dental coverage, what worked the best was not requiring me to see only a certain dentist office because like healthcare, one size does not everyone. Okay economically using one dentist office was great for plan but services were very bad, especially if you wanted to keep teeth in good health. (We called the office Dr. Pain Dentist).
    It is not that expensive to have an annual dentist visit and cleaning but most plans only want you to go in for services they agree as necessary and there is still cost to you. My main problem is I don’t want to be knocked out for procedures but I don’t want to feel pain either. The best dentist I had, waked me thru the injections to numb my gums and was able to do all procedures without any pain. My teeth were well cared for by this dentist but my plan was changed without asking to the other dentist referred to above because of the “cost saving” to them. I would still have some of my teeth that fell out if I had remained with my preferred dentist.
    I am in the process of finding another dentist for whom I probably will have to pay of for the services I want. (I don’t want anymore fillings, I want teeth coated to prevent anymore decay and probably need some implants for the molars lost and a tooth that is loose to not be removed, plus make teeth look whiter. All of these services are not included in any plan and because they aren’t is why I need to do these services.

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