42 Percent of Big Companies Offer this Perk. Your Company Can too.

Employees love flexibility and that’s the benefit of this fabulous summertime perk: Going home early on Fridays. A recent survey of Fortune 1000 companies showed that this is the new perk–with 42 percent of companies participating, up from 21 percent in 2015. This is a perk you don’t need to be a big player to offer.

You can make it work whatever way your company needs, but here are some suggestions to make this perk work for your office.

Make it Flexible

For 9 years I worked at a company that offered half-day Fridays in the summer. How it worked was instead of working 8 hours on Monday-Thursday, you worked 9, and then were able to go home four hours early on Fridays. (Keep in mind that in California and a few other localities, overtime pay kicks in at any work above 8 hours in a single day for any non-exempt employee. Almost everywhere else, overtime is only dependent on going over 40 hours in a week.)

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4 thoughts on “42 Percent of Big Companies Offer this Perk. Your Company Can too.

  1. you say this is a “new perK”, but then talk about how you had it 9 years ago. This was the rage 30 years ago. Many many of the Fortune 500 companies were doing it. Many of the smaller companies followed suit. Doesn’t work well where you have a consistent customer flow, like retail, call centers, restaurants, warehouses, etc. Oh, you mean those areas where the most employee growth is? Not a new thing, maybe to you. Maybe you should do a little research?

    1. Maybe you could read the article and see that two years ago, 21 percent of companies had this perk and now 42 do, so it’s doubled in the past two years, so yeah, it’s a new perk for a lot of people.

  2. I’ve had this perk at 2 different companies over the past 15 years. The first, we worked 45 minutes extra M – F and could leave after working 4 1/2 hours on Friday ** 37.50 hour work week, flexible schedules For those departments that need coverage all day, you could get the whole Friday off every other week by working the extra hours for the 9 days.

    The second company it was every other week, 3 hours early, no extra work required, however no department could be left without coverage.

    Side note to Parker: Please re-read the post, Suzanne did NOT say 9 years ago, she stated she worked for a company for 9 years that offered this benefit.

  3. I have seen (and worked at!) colleges that offer a four-day week: 10 hours M-Th and off Friday. They gain in goodwill for the employees, plus it was good for me to have that kind of focus time for larger projects in the summer. The colleges were able to save on utilities by adding one more day to the weekend cooling schedule.

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