The Most Popular Corporate Jargon by State

We love to use business jargon, even though 88 percent of Americans have only pretended to understand jargon spouted by a co-worker. However, apparently, we don’t use the same jargon in every state. Textio looked through over a million job postings and pulled out the jargon most popular in each state.

In addition, they found that jargon filled job postings actually took longer to fill–three times as long as a job description that stayed away from the jargon. So, use this as a caution to keep these phrases out of your job postings when you are hiring.

Here’s the most often used jargon in each state:

  • Alabama — Value add
  • Alaska — Corporate values
  • Arkansas– Driven results
  • Arizona–Build synergy

To keep reading and see what your state’s  jargon is, click here: The Most Popular Corporate Jargon by State

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5 thoughts on “The Most Popular Corporate Jargon by State

  1. Some of these are downright bizarre. I like your comparison of HR to herding cats. The HR VP at the Postal Service was recently selected to dedicate the cool new “Sharks” stamps, which is also an interesting connection! 🙂

    1. Ha, ha
      Side note: We’re technically on vacation, visiting the family, and we had a Sharknado night.

  2. “Eye of the Tiger” for Michigan … That’s just way out there, unless all of the job postings reviewed were for the Detroit Tigers baseball team … but still weird.

    1. I live in Michigan and have no idea what this is or the context it is supposed to be used. I can only have flash-backs to the 80’s and see Sylvester Stallone as Rocky.

  3. In a similar vein, I laugh at the British euphemisms for laying off employees. I call these the R words: retrenching, made redundant, re-engineering, re-inventing, re-organizing (US too), right sizing (US too). Maybe a few more.

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