10 Entry Level Work-From-Home Jobs

If you are like many people, you’d love to work at home. The problem is in finding a good, work at home job. Often, telecommuting jobs that don’t require extensive experience are stuck in the customer service realm. Those aren’t bad jobs, but if it isn’t your thing, FlexJobs has found 10 entry-level jobs that just might appeal to you.

1. YouTube Content Producer and Talent

If you’re social media savvy and have kids, then this could be the ideal entry-level, stay-at-home job for you! As a YouTube content producer, you’ll capture real-life and unscripted situations while providing entertaining kids’ content. This company is seeking families with children from ages 4 to 10. This position is remote, contract, and entry level.

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2 thoughts on “10 Entry Level Work-From-Home Jobs

  1. It’s interesting because at least two of these ‘entry-level’ jobs require previous experience. Isn’t that the whole point of an entry-level job – to get experience?

  2. I would be really interested to know how many of those jobs pay more than a minimum wage job, calculated per hour of work (and factoring in taxes for contracting). A couple of them sound like they could be decent jobs, particularly the last one. But contract based translation, copy-editing and content writing jobs tend to pay by the word or piece (and not much at that), so you need to be experienced and very efficient to make decent money. And filming your kids for youtube is unlikely to produce more than spending money for a stay at home parent, if that.

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