Why Your Nightmare Job Can Be Someone Else’s Dream Job

Dream jobs. Everyone wants one, but chasing that elusive dream can often result in a nightmare. But, the reality is, your dream job may be someone else’s nightmare job.

For instance, I love writing. I love Human Resources. I love writing about HR. It goes together well. Other people would rather stick pins in their eyes than sit down every day in front a computer with the assignment to write a couple of thousand words, edit them, and get them ready for publication.

On the other hand, someone who hates writing may find a real joy in teaching kindergarten. Frankly, that seems like a complete nightmare to me, and if I somehow ended up in a Kindergarten classroom I might adopt some of the teacher in this video’s behavior. (Although, I would choose Harry Potter as my book series to share with the little darlings.)

So, with this in mind, I asked people what their nightmare jobs look like. This wasn’t about bad co-workers or micro-managing bosses, but where the actual work would make you climb in bed and hide under the covers. See if you relate to any of these ideas:

To read the list of nightmare jobs, click here: Why Your Nightmare Job Can Be Someone Else’s Dream Job

Add your own in the comments!

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5 thoughts on “Why Your Nightmare Job Can Be Someone Else’s Dream Job

  1. Isn’t HR like being a paralegal or judge? Or maybe a child’s advocate for one side or the other?

  2. OMG that video was hilarious!

    Dream job: Bestselling novelist. 🙂 If I have to have a day job, which nearly all published writers I know do because writing books doesn’t pay jack, it would be technical editing. I did this at my last job and LOOOOOOOOVED it.

    Nightmare job: Going back to retail or food service, or being in a call center. I would not last a week in a call center. One of the better-paying jobs in my really cruddy market is telephone customer service representative at a travel company, and they start people on the night shift. I just cannot even. I can’t. I’d rather starve, to be honest.

  3. My worst jobs, and the true nightmares, are retail jobs or any job where I have to interact with the public. (Sales/marketing also qualifies.) I loathe and fear these jobs with a passion.

    I am also a partial writer and an editor in my day job at a community college. I love being left alone to do my work and if I go most of the day without saying much to anyone I am happy. I do not get my energy from others; I recharge when I can be alone. Many people seem unable to comprehend this but there is no loneliness involved. Just calm peace that I love.

  4. I don’t think I’d last on an assembly line, or as a Surgeon. The monotonous repetition of the line, or the fine delicate pain staking precision of the Surgeon would drive me crazy day after day.

  5. I would say my dream job would be to illustrate children’s books or record sleeves. My nightmare job would be putting new clothes stock out in a shop after some numpty’s thrown an item on the floor after trying it on, or if someone comes in eating a pie or a pasty and starts picking through the items without washing their hands first.

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