If People Are Your Biggest Asset, Why Are Your Recruiters Earning Bottom Dollar?

If you ask (almost) any Chief Human Resources Officer about what makes her company successful and she’ll say, “Our people–our talent–are the most important thing! Without them, we would be nothing!”

But, a quick search through job boards finds that recruiters aren’t a top priority for a lot of companies.

  • Bilingual Recruiter $12-$16 an hour.
  • Part Time Recruiter $16-$18 annually (I presume that’s a typo and they meant per hour).
  • Entry Level Recruiter: We are considering candidates who have a 4-year degree or relevant work experience. Since this is an entry-level position, we are willing to consider a candidate with no recruiting experience if they have an incredible student mentality and meet the criteria of our ideal candidate above.

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6 thoughts on “If People Are Your Biggest Asset, Why Are Your Recruiters Earning Bottom Dollar?

  1. 1. Most “recruiters” should be in any other profession than “recruiting”
    2. Recruiting should be a function of the Sales department not HR
    3. Most companies want to believe that zipRecruiter is recruiting…hint….
    4. The reason people should “go around” the recruiter? See #1
    5. BLS reports the average employee contributes $31,000 per month in revenue contribution. Average TPR fee is just over $20k. So, if your job is open more than a month, even I can do that math.

    If your job has been open longer, like the one we just filled, open for 19 months before they came to us….$589,000 in lost revenue contribution….average TPR fee is just over $20k…did I mention how easy that math is.

    However, refer back to #1 because it is pretty easy to find bad recruiters…what you want is a talent acquisition professional…someone for whom it is a career not a stepping stone or last step before leaving a company…$14 per hour…did I mention how easy the math is?

  2. If those pay rates are typical that goes along way towards explaining why most of the recruiters I’ve dealt with don’t know “squid lips”!

  3. Hi! Love to read your posts; you and AAM are my go-to sites!

    Are you aware that the site for the link in your article for “high level people who lied on their resumes” prohibits access unless I turn off my ad-blocker or pay $1 to read the article? I refuse to do either, and just wanted to let you know that this may impact my willingness to continue reading your posts.

    1. It’s a Business Insider link, which is perfectly respectable. I’m sorry you can’t see it, but keep in mind that they make money through advertisements and if you block the ads they don’t make any money.

  4. Many companies want to pay as little as possible for a recruiter and there seems to be little to no standards for becoming a recruiter. So it seems like a mutual lack of standards for both sides.

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