Insurance for Newborns and Growing Families

Having a baby changes everything. No, really it does. Even how employees use health insurance.

Your organization can take steps to help new parents navigate insurance for newborns. Here are some considerations to keep in mind as employees recalibrate their health care plan.

Maternity Care

Newborns are certainly demanding, but health care plans also need to look out for mom. Private health care plans must cover pregnancy. However, that doesn’t mean that your employees’ preferred doctor or midwife is covered. Encourage employees to double check eligibility before they need maternity services.

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4 thoughts on “Insurance for Newborns and Growing Families

  1. Like all parts of a healthcare plan, there should be available a way for the employees to get the information they need to get proper coverage for pregnancy, maternity care and newborn care. This method should include the ability to have a verbal conversation with the insurance company for complete understanding. All costs both covered and out of pocket should be made transparent upfront, especially if a situation occurs at birth that has an out of plan medical service.

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