Top 5 Employee Benefits Trends of 2018

The new year has arrived. So, what employee benefits trends can we expect to see in 2018? Here are five that may impact your business.

1. Tax Reform

The new tax bill will likely change a lot about your company’s finances. How businesses choose to respond to this will vary, but you can expect to see some organizations adding better benefits. Walmart, for instance, already announced a better maternity/paternity plan.

Looking for some other things you can do, besides returning money to shareholders or owners? You can increase your budget for health care plans, increase match rates for retirement plans or add additional benefits such as vision and dental coverage.

2. More Personalized Benefits

Many companies are looking at what their employees actually need, rather than what they already have. While the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires certain health care benefits be provided, there are more personalized benefits being offered than ever before.

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