Finding the Right Sabbatical Leave Policy for Your Company

It’s not uncommon for college professors to go on sabbatical, but what about other types of employees? At its base, a sabbatical is a long-term break from work. While most businesses can’t afford to lose an employee for an entire year, they might be able to swing it for six weeks or a few months. With a little care, even small businesses can use sabbatical leave policies to boost employee retention and drive innovative problem-solving.

Would a sabbatical leave policy be a good idea for your organization? To help you decide, here are five questions to ask and answer.

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2 thoughts on “Finding the Right Sabbatical Leave Policy for Your Company

  1. My old employer used to offer sabbaticals – two months, at full pay, for every 10 years worked. Everyone was eligible. I am not sure what the rules were around it, since I was not there long enough to enjoy this perk, but I believe there were some restrictions around busy times. People used them to take classes, do research, or just to take long vacations or do projects around the house.

    The company did away with them as it grew and as a large number of people became eligible to take the benefit (how ironic). I think it was the kind of thing that worked well in the start-up phase but not so well as the company grew. They were a wonderful perk for longevity at the company.

  2. Great article and I didn’t even think about having a sabbatical leave policy. I’m going to bring it up at my next 1:1 with the CEO.

    I can see how this benefit definitely could help with recruiting efforts. And so many options around how it’s structured. I like it!!

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